Here's just a small sampling of some clients we have helped to meet their business objectives.


Home Health Agency

Physician couple in AZ who is currently awaiting their accreditation site from the accreditation agency for the home health agency. This is not their first business and they have many years of practice experience together. They currently employ an office staffer and three RNs, with a social worker, and other essential workers on contract basis.




Home Health Agency

Three nurses in Nebraska who decided to start their own home health agency. They were recently accredited late last year. I am currently giving them operational support and legal advice. They employ front office staff 5 LPNs and home health aids full time and have contracts with RNs, PTs, OTs, and language therapists.



Home Health Agency

Private business owner in Virginia with no practitioner background for a home health agency that specifically markets itself as a holistic home health agency. The owner currently is full time employing 1 full time coordinator, a director of nursing who is also the administrator, two nurses on contract basis, and 3 W-2 status home health aids. They are awaiting a discharge of one more patient before I ask the accreditation company to make a site inspection.