Payments by the Milestone or Hourly

At Khatri Med Law, P.C., we use a system where you can only pay when there is a major milestone in the development of your agency or service or for your legal services. Our services can be packaged in any way you need. 

Once milestones are reached, for instance the formation documents and creation of your agency, a state inspector visits to license your facility, or there is a major hearing or legal motion paper due, then another payment on your retainer agreement is due. 

Or you can pay hourly, depending on what services you are looking for.

What you Need and How you Want It

Together we create a retainer agreement for a package of products or services you want on a timeline that you are comfortable with. The only amount that is owed at the time is the initial retainer fee to engage our company. 

Fast Profitability

We make it possible for you to afford services or to own a healthcare company that can gross tremendously first year from Medicaid/Medicare, private insurance, and self pay. 

Contact Us 

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